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As the punk community is learning about the loss of one of our dearest friends and punk rockers, we wish to say thank you Ginja Ninja for bringing so many laughs and goofy dances to our hearts. 
Shows won’t be the same without you. 

Our deepest condolences go out to his friends and family. 

For more information click here if you have ANY information please, please contact crime stoppers. 

Facebook Event

The sweet cozy bar named Spectrum has been put through one year of utter Turmoil, with the renowned disgracefulness of Roots. With big names to the the likes of Evil Elvis, Mustang Jerx, Ramshackle Army and our favorites in Sydney/Aussie punks. 

This isn’t any old birthday party, this will be the messiest one year old you’ve ever met. With cake, booze and our old mate Bacon returning for night. We will make you wish the following day did not exist! 

The day our crusty child was born we had Batfoot! cut the cord to our podium of debauchery with their punk vibes and fun times. Leaving us with the taste of stale Homewreckers and Curly Wurlys, and our ears melted with the voice of a fallen angel; and they’re back to do it all over again!

Playing along side them, were Nudist Colonies Of The World baptizing our spawn with their raw tunes and nudist views - The patrons left in a daze of confusing arousal. 

The unforgettable Ebolagoldfish will be kicking down the doors of the one year birthday with their high paced, insanity fueled set. 

Why would we want to do it all again? Fuck you, that’s why. 



Nudist Colonies Of The World

The Homewrecker - $8

Punk Iced Tea - $5

Bloodclot - $5

Cup OF Bacon - $2 

Jack of Bacon? - $7 (cup of bacon and shot of Jack Daniels)

$10 entry or $5 with a host name!

Facebook event

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Halloween than with the Canadian horrorbilly king, Evil Elvis. 

For the Sydney leg of his Australian “Tattooed Fuckwit” tour, Evil Elvis will be Headlining our stage, along side an incredible line up of Rockabilly bands. 

For a chance to win the Evil Elvis backdrop for their tour, go to their personal event;

Casino Rumblers are back on our stage for round 2;



$8 Homewreckers
$5 Punk iced tea
$5 Social Distorters 
$6 The Cup (Bacon w/ Shot Of Jack Daniels) 

$2 Cups Of Bacon

$10 entry or $5 with host name.

Fcaebook event

Hey, How are you?
Bored? sick of Fridays in the city being dead, unless your a fake tanned, trance loving metro? 
You’re welcome. 

11 pm - Cloud Four -
The long awaited release of their EP; Tenterfield. 
With amazing reviews from Tripple J for their song “These Walls”, such as; 

"Boys! This is super tight! Pretty lo-fi but you’ve done such an awesome job. You must’ve been together for a while. ps FREAKIN GOOD DRUMMING" - Lewi McKirdy 


"It swoops down with black eyes, steely nerve, drops a bomb and in a flash it’s gone. Congrats guys, this is a little beast!" - Gaz Tran

10pm - Aitches -
These rowdy guys from Melbourne released their debut album in May this year “Stay In Bed”
Also being granted with some awesome reviews from Tripple J, such as; 

"A good riff, but an even better melody. And those subtle changes save the song from repetition. I love those bits where the guitar follows the vocals, a little P!ATD in those bits, but I love P!ATD. Nice!" - The Good Doctor 


"If you’re a fan of melodic punk like Bodyjar or Descendents, then this is your band" - Dom Allesio 

9pm - Metcalfe -
A somewhat new band, patrons of Roots are constantly asking for them to come back. They are definitely up in our top five of bands who’ve played on our stage.
If you’ve missed them in the past, make sure you check them out!!

$8 Homewreckers
$6 The cup (JD and bacon) 
$5 Social Distorter 
$5 Punk iced tea 

$2 Cups of Bacon!! 

$10 entry or $5 with a host name.


Finally, warm wether is upon us! Time to put down the playstation controller and get out to see some fucking rad punk bands! 

Our line up for this week;

11pm - The Curse Of Mary Sue;

10pm - Duncan Franken Burger

9pm - 10past6;

$8 Homewreckers
$6 Thecup (JD and Bacon) 
$5 Social distorters 
$5 Punk iced tea

$2 cups of bacon 

$10 entry or $5with a host name!

The past few weeks have been some of the most epic we’ve seen. With some HUGE interstate bands and small garage bands, all of which pulling huge crowds of punk and debauchery. 

So this week we’ve had a last minute change, and our heros of the day are HBDM for jumping at the opportunity to take to the Roots stage again! We fucking love these boys, they put on a great show, and couldn’t stand by when our maiden in distress (Humble) needed their help.

11pm - Handball Deathmatch

10pm - Loose Change

Drinks - 
$8 Homewreckers
$5 Punk iced tea
$5 Social Distorters
$6 The cup

$2 Cups of bacon 

$10 entry or $5 with a host name. 

The Saturday morning hangover has become something like an old friend, the one you love and hate at the exact same time. The kind of friend that teaches you important life lessons… But we are here to help you forget that lesson, by bringing you ridiculously cheap alcohol and a never ending supply of awesome music every week. Come along this Friday and invite your old buddy over for saturdayitis.

This weeks bands include;

Everything I Own Is Broken -

And our old dear friends, 

Jono Willis And The Ten Inch Experience -

After the bands, our Roots DJ’s will be hitting the decks until the early AM.

Our always enticing drink specials - 

The Homewrecker $8
Punk Iced Tea $5
The Social Distorter $5
Captain Morgans $3 (after the bands)

$10 entry or $5 with a host name.

This weeks event;

  • Roots keeps collecting fans each week, and we’re sure this lineup will create some more Roots die hards.

    Easy Company, Sydney based punk band who have supported huge bands such as; A Death in the Family, Anti Flag, Strike Anywhere, The Hard-Ons, Guttermouth, The Flatliners and No Fun At All.
    Their enthusiastic sing a long set is something you don’t want to miss out on!

    The City Shake Up, all the way from the Gold Coast, describing themselves as “born from the Bowles of 90’s punk rock” this band and their loud sweaty sets have played with the likes of guttermouth, tonight alive and numbers radio, not to mention on the stage of big day out.

    Prevailing Disorder, a Newcastle band we have a lot of faith in. These guys and their political punk noise is something of a whole new realm. We had the pleasure of having them on our stage once before and are excited to have them back again. We know this band is going to be huge, please welcome them into the sydney punk scene. 

    $8 homewrecker
    $6 the cup (bacon and a shot of jack daniels)
    $5 punk iced tea
    $5 social disotorter 
    $3 captain moragans (after midnight)

    $2 cup of bacon

This weeks event. 

Holy fucking tits, last week was an epic night, it was great to see that one bad night doesn’t change shit with our kids. You still come along the next week and make it even better.
After the intense set from bunt, when our microphones and stands where destroyed in the most hilarious of ways; The crazy run around set of Jono Willis; and the always fun sing-a-long set by Kids Of Yesterday. We woke up to odd photos on our phones, receipts for the 4 packets of cigarettes we smoked/handed out, party popper streamers in our pants, doused in the stench of sweet, sweet bacon, and the hang over to end all hangovers… 

August 3rd,


$8 Homewrecker
$5 Punk Iced Tea
$5 Social Distorter 
$3 Captain Morgan (After midnight) 
$6 The cup (bacon cup with a shot of jack daniels) 

$2 cup of bacon.

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